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It is the philosophy and the innovative technology, for future company’s vision.

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Innovation. First Mover. Time to Market.

It took almost 16 years to go public market since the establishment in 2003. We name this period as REMED 1.0 : since its inception, REMED has faced so many challenges and difficulties. However, after tackling over them successfully, REMED was listed in KOSDAQ, the stock market, which provided the possibility to maintain sustainable growth in the future.

We are ready to take the 2nd challenge to be the first mover in the fields of electroceuticals (TMS), pain management and body shaping. We call this 2nd challenge as REMED 2.0. Instead of staying in the current status or position, we will keep moving forward to lead the market, and to enhance the quality of life of patients suffering from degenerative diseases. We are fully geared to take care of them from brain to body.